Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Select the Country, Product and Language, using the drop-down menus and click on Search.  The results show only the Instructions for Use approved for the country and product selected.  Please note not all countries and products are currently available on this website.
Currently Biocompatibles UK Ltd only supplies electronic Instructions for Use in Europe, and for a specific range of products. For all other countries and products the Instructions for Use will be packaged with the product.
Currently the electronic instructions for use are only supplied for European countries. In the European Union (EU), the instructions for use (IFU) are the same for each country so the IFU can be used throughout EU. The EU IFU is not for use outside the EU.
To view previous versions, where available, click the “Show Previous Versions” box displayed beneath the current Instructions for Use information.
Instructions for Use documents may be revised from time to time, so please refer to this website for the most current version at the time of the procedure.
For the latest version, click on the pdf image in the search results. The file will display in your web browser. 
Every Instruction for Use document contains the label symbol definitions.
Contact Customer Services by phone, fax, or email at the ‘Contact Us’ page
You will receive printed Instructions for Use, at no additional cost, within 7 calendar days.
Dependent on product, electronic Instructions for Use for EU customers are currently available in English, Čeština (Czech), Dansk (Danish), Deutsch (German), Español (Spanish), Ελληνικά (Greek), Français (French), Hrvatski (Croatian), Italiano (Italian), Nederlands (Dutch), Norsk (Norwegian), Português (Portuguese), Slovenčina (Slovakian), Slovenščina (Slovenian), Suomi (Finnish) and Svenska (Swedish). Date  01 Aug 2017

There are no specific hardware requirements to view the Instructions for Use*. A PDF reader is required. However, if the PDF does not automatically open, you can download a free program called Adobe Reader and install it onto your device. Download Adobe Reader.

* Please note that the BTG Privacy Policy Information cannot be currently accessed using the combination of Apple Safari Browser on Microsoft Windows 10, due to a known Safari incompatibility.  Please use an alternative browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox on Windows 10 to access the Privacy Policy.  Date 01 Aug 2017.